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Some Days Are Darker – Lost Days ’96 (Inferno Choir Remix)

“From the sun-baked expanse of Phoenix comes a goth rock romance rendered with the fatal attraction of noir cinema and emblematic of the high-contrast coexistence of darkness and light. Elements of post-punk, dark wave, and gloom core.” With a sound reminiscent of The Cure, TR/ST, Joy Division, and Switchblade Symphony, this track from Arizona darkwave artist …

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BalashToth – Omega

Hungarian born/Ireland based death metal artist BalashToth released this track back in October and we’re shocked that we’re just now hearing it. Having been guitarist and songwriter for Hungarian metal band Casketgarden, BalashToth is clearly very talented and a force to be reckoned with, musically. Omega features a slow and deliberate guitar instrumental that’s almost …

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Outerloop – huracán

“Outerloop kept the energy high performing its loud, invigorating, cathartic songs” – NPR Music “Outerloop want to kick your teeth in“ – Washington Post “Fun, noisy, bold — what more could you want?” – District Fray “Outerloop is a post-punk, rock band led by powerhouse vocalist, Taisha Estrada and guitarist Don Potter, who formed in …

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