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Behaviour – Rex Imbecilic

“Formed in João Pessoa/PB – Brasil, late 1989. (They) Recorded two Demos in their early years, Infested Brains (1991) and Murder’s Picture (1992). After a long hiatus, now they return with REX IMBECILIC; 10 tracks of pure Old School Death Metal, influenced by iconic bands like: Massacre, Celtic Frost, Death, Sepultura, Morbid Angel, Sarcófago… Produced and Mixed by the extraordinary Victor Hugo Targino (Soturnus, Forahneo, Undercroft). Cover art created by the historic German artist Andreas Marschall, recognized by his work for legends of the Metal Scene, such as: Kreator, Immolation, Sodom, Obituary, among many others.”

Released on August 11, 2023, this cut from the Brazilian metal band’s 10 track triumphant return to the scene, takes us into a soundscape that is a true renaissance of old school death metal. With growling vocals and fast paced instrumentals, the band does not disappoint in their quest to dominate the Brazilian metal landscape.

Check it out below!

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