BASTIAN – The Shakedown

While listening to and watching Vancouver-based Bastian’s new music video for their track “The Shakedown”, I can’t help but to immediately compare their sound to those of other bands I’ve listened to in the past. In particular, I think back to old Killswitch Engage. Keep in mind: I only say this based on a handful of listens to one track and I know rushing into comparisons can come off as a lazy dismissal or reduction of a band’s sound, but I feel like the comparison here is relevant and honestly complimentary.

Bastian authentically seems to encompass all the classic aspects of a promising metalcore band: dynamic pacing, tension between the juxtaposed screaming and melodic vocal styles, borderline cliché but well-utilized lyrics, instruments all just going fucking crazy in a chaotically organized frenzy that really soothes the ears. It all comes together as this reminiscent explosion from the mid-2000’s. I feel like this would be one of my favorite bands ever if it was 2007 and I was twelve years old, which, and I cannot stress this enough, is a nod to them and what they’re trying to do.

Their sound is on point in this nostalgic kind of way, and when you take a second to think about it, this ballistic brand of metal might just be on the come-up once again. This band has the potential to be an integral part of that scene’s resurrection and identity moving forward. This band should be on your radar, because they’re killing it. Look for these guys to blow up (you know, like an explosion) soon.

Ari Cohen


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