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Apotropaico – MY NAME

“Hailing from the Spanish island of Ibiza, Apotropaico ignite a fiery infusion of thrash and heavy metal, driven by relentless riffs, chugging basslines, ferocious drums, and fierce powerhouse vocals. Since their formation in 2015, the band has undergone several lineup changes and now comprises frontman Pablo Kiaro, bassist Teo Mochen, guitarist Ivan Tamarit, and drummer …

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FM Rodeo – I Must Say

“Based out of the hill country in Texas, FM Rodeo started in 2015 when Troy Dry(vocals/guitars) and Johnny Elrod(Drums) reconnected after a 6 year hiatus with their band Elephant Nightmare/Windup Bird Chronicle and began recording the Machine Shop sessions. Elements of grunge, punk and alternative music can be heard in their tracks, often compared to …

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BaYaT – Slowburn

“Born in the cradle of Novi Sad, Serbia, BaYaT is a formidable five-piece hard rock band with a passion for powerful, honest lyrics and electrifying live performances. Echoing the style of influential rock groups like Audioslave and Godsmack, BaYaT has carved its unique space in the global rock music scene. Their music is an unfiltered …

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