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Artist Spotlight: SHUSH

We haven’t done a full artist spotlight in a while, but this project from Arcania and Human Error vocalist Luke Griffin, demands such an in depth feature! SHUSH is a blend of trap sensibility and classic metal musicality, with a lyrical style that inspires movement and an instrumental prowess that listeners can feel in their physical bodies. To compose this feature, we’re going to highlight 4 cuts from the catalogue of SHUSH to give you a taste and full range of sound.

The most recent release (September 2023), BLADE offers a high octane sonic journey as well as a feast for the eyes in the way of visuals. Combined with the efforts of XELAVISION, SHUSH delivers a visual score to the vampy trap banger BLADE. Complete with slamming percussion and electronic distortion, this track also has a lyrical momentum that really carries us into the experience.

YUNG SLAUGHTER is a throwback from 2020 and delivers some of the same lyrical momentum as BLADE, but seems to have a slightly more measured and slower pacing. The visuals are where the true intensity lies, offering a lush anime sequence that adds a lot of extra dimension to the sonic composition of this track.

The visuals for this next track, WOE, are a collaboration with Roma Jonson and are age-restricted on Youtube, but trust us when we say that they’re worth it! WOE is another September 2023 release, and like BLADE, demonstrates the heavier pacing and higher intensity direction the band’s sound has taken over the last 3 years. Vocals and bass are heavy and aggressive, set to a classic trap beat to maintain a steady direction.

Released in January 2023, HORRID is the beginning piece of the new releases by SHUSH. With visual collaborations by NUMB$KULL, this track begins on a deep percussive note and growls its way from a low rumble to a scream and back again. Being slightly more measured than the other new releases, HORRID still achieves the high intensity and dark tone that SHUSH is known for, only with subtler impact.

“Malo Chipoperwa created all beats for the ‘HEL’ EP and is worked on ‘LIMBO’ and more.”

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