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Artist Spotlight: KreatureLaGoth

With a blend of hip hop and hardcore influences, Bronx native KreatureLaGoth is nothing if not eager and well-versed in where he comes from. Having grown up across the street from where Fat Joe came up, Kreature boasts an authenticity that few artists can say they have. Having released his last EP, Tolteregi (Creatures), in 2021, Kreature has been busy working on newly released and upcoming projects.



Combining the sounds of his favorites such as darkwave and melodic hardcore, 1000 Corpses In My Head is Kreature’s latest single, released just last week on November 5 (remember, remember the 5th of November). Featuring horror elements such as slasher film screams and what could be heard as the sound of someone trapped inside a metal container, 1000 Corpses In My Head is a horrorcore/gothcore infusion filled with dynamic details and raspy vocals that heighten the overall effect of the track. While it’s short and to the point, the track is 1:51 in length, it is impactful and definitely makes us want to hear more.

With upcoming music video release (exact details unknown, so stay tuned!) and a larger project release in February, we’re excited to see what this guy does next!



You can check out his latest release and music video below as well as his Spotify <<here!


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