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Artist Spotlight: Fønƶø Ŧɨø

Friday Artist Spotlight!
This young indie artist is as underground as they come with only a 12 minute mixtape release so far. Fønƶø Ŧɨø grew up in San Diego, CA until quarantine when his family moved to Los Angeles and has been making music since he was very young. Fønƶø cites music as a form of escape from the difficulties of life and seeks to make music that offers this same escape to others who are going through hard times.
With a broad range of influences, Fønƶø cites emo music as the starting point for his deep emotional connection to the industry. His other references and inspirations are hip hop legends such as Kanye, Dr Dre, and Tupac as well as some heavier influences like Deftones and Linkin Park.
These influences are very evident in Cobwebs, Fønƶø Ŧɨø’s mixtape release. From beginning to end, every track feels fresh and very well nurtured. The production and mixing quality is high for such a young artist who has been self-recording and producing. Tracks that really stand out to us are “dirty laundry”, “freestyle 1”, and “Leilani”. Each one has a totally different vibe, from atmospheric and shoegaze-y hip hop, to heavier guitar instrumentals and emo vocals, and hard-hitting rap lyricism.
We’re very excited to see what this guy does next! Check out his Distrokid link here along with a Spotify streaming link for Cobwebs below for easy listening right here and now!

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