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Artist Spotlight: At Home With Monsters

Idaho-based independent artist Haunt Luma recently presented us with a new addition from his project At Home With Monsters, another track collaboration with Jason Sherman of Circuit of Suns and Torrential Downpour.

Over the past year, At Home With Monsters has released 3 tracks, with Folded Flame being the most recent. Each single is a blend of chaotic and varying influences, some electronic and others more in line with classic hardcore. Counting artists such as Exotic Animal Petting Zoo, He Is Legend, and Here Before as personal musical influences, Haunt Luma creates a comprehensive blend of these in what he’s released so far with At Home With Monsters:

A cacophonous blend of dynamic vocal work, from clean choruses to the classic shred of screams that one expects from hardcore, TYFYS (Than You For Your Service) is a collaboration with vocalist Mateo Aguiar. Mixed and produced by Haunt Luma and Beau Burchell, TYFYS is a comprehensive and high octane work that really shines in its instrumentals and voiceover details.

The first single released from At Home With Monsters and the first collaboration with Jason Sherman, who both wrote, produced, and performed vocals and instrumentals with Haunt Luma, Surge has a metronomic feel to the percussion and instrumental effects, not dissimilar from their most recent collaboration. Perhaps what is most captivating about this track are the accompanying visuals, which combine renaissance art animations and memes about mullet-sporting alpaca.

Folded Flame is the latest single, released just 8 months ago, produced by Haunt Luma, Jason Sherman, Eric Brumbaugh, and Mikhail Marinas, and is perhaps the most impressive progression of At Home With Monsters’s sound. Having a similar chaotic effect as their first single, Surge, Folded Flame has a slower and more measured chorus and a fast-paced verses with very impressive vocals and lyricism. This track is evidence that music gets progressively better and better as it’s practiced over time and collaborations unfold and blossom through continued evolution. In addition to some repeat features such as Jason Sherman, this track also boasts the saxophone work of Adam Carelli and single artwork by Nick Harmer (via MidJourney).

You can check out more info about At Home With Monsters on their Bandcamp!


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