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Andrew Vogt – Dark Blues (feat. Christian Euman, Stu Mindeman, Rajiv Halim, Joel Ream, Paul Mutzabaugh & Atlys)

Dark Blues is a song by Andrew Vogt, a bassist, composer, arranger and producer based in Chicago. Featuring a fiery jazz fusion quintet with Christian Euman on drums, Stu Mindeman on piano, Rajiv Halim on alto sax, Joel Ream on guitar and Paul Mutzabaugh on synth, the song also includes the string quartet Atlys, composed of Jinty McTavish, Sabrina Tabby, Rita Andrade and Genevieve Tabby. A blend of blues, rock and jazz, with an odd meter groove and a ripping guitar and sax battle. The song is from the album Transient Sound, which was released in 2023. The song is about the dark emotions that can overwhelm us in difficult times, but also the hope that music can bring us.


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