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Against The Sun – Icarus

“Coming out of the Orange County music scene in California, Against The Sun is ready to redefine the next generation of rock/metal music. Their unique blend of heavy instrumentals, clean yet intense vocals, and harsh honest lyrics has already caught the attention of labels such as Rise or Die Records and fans alike.”

Inspired by the Greek myth of the same name (Icarus, the son of the inventor Daedalus, who donned wax wings and flew too close to the sun), Icarus is the latest release from Orange County metal project Against The Sun (an appropriate name for a band releasing a song called Icarus, and vice versa). The song features a melodic chorus about being defiantly unafraid to reach for the light and follow your instincts, regardless of what others say, and has an impressively nimble guitar breakdown toward the middle of the track.

Check it out below!

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