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A Door – Do You Want Me To Come In Your Feed?

“Rachel (A Door) was the drummer in the Manhattan Love Suicides. She has a hole in her spinal cord which affects her guitar playing. During the pandemic she turn(ed) to visual art work and make(ing) automatic expressionist figure work which she believes is her body attempting to correct her proprioception and spinal alignment.”

This track from former drummer of UK rock band Manhattan Love Suicides was released at the end of last month and features a true post-punk sound and a message that seems to be about social media. Intrusive advertising and sponsored posts are a perfect metaphor for intrusive thoughts and newsfeeds for the mind. “Get out of my head!” is an appropriate lyric that many of us can relate to. The drumming on this track is the true star, with understated vocals serving to highlight the percussion.

Check it out below!

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