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1,000,000 Holy Mothers – Feathers & Hair

“1,000,000 HOLY MOTHERS are a Brighton-based sludge/grunge/doom/stoner thing. They use and abuse mighty riffs but temper the beef with soaring melodies and delicate intrigues. Their self-titled debut album is the result of 6 years of tinkering in a dank cave.”

Released on September 14, 2023, Feathers & Hair is the latest release from Brighton alternative metal project 1,000,000 Holy Mothers. The track starts off with a bang via deep hammering drums that are reminiscent of a call to war, an interesting contrast to the imagery invoked by the band’s name. Feathers & Hair progresses with a distorted guitar instrumental and clear resounding vocals before transitioning into screams of “There’s nothing better than the sword!” before winding into a bass solo and finishing off with a symphony of synth details amid a slow vocal breakdown.

Check it out below!

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